Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Student Shock As Accomdation Prices Soar.

A new report shows that students are being ripped off by the private sector as the cost of accomodation rises to its highest in years.

The student housing charity Unipol and The National Union of students combined with one another in order to compile the report.

The report shows that students are paying 23% more for university accomodation than they were 3 years ago.

The average weekly rent for students this year is £82, in comparison with £63 in 2004.

Falmouth students are being hit harder than most, as students living at Glasney Parc are paying a set rent of £92.05 which includes heating, lighting and water rates.

(Image of Glasney Parc, Courtesy of Tremough Services website)

Current first year student Martin Davidson, living at Glasney Parc is suprised at the statistic: "I am amazed that Falmouth is higher than the national average, considering the size of the University".

However students staying at near by Tuke House are paying nearer the national average at approximately £82.72 which includes an initial £300 deposit.

Student accomodation in Falmouth and Penryn is owned by Tremough Campus Service's Ltd, which is seperate to University College Falmouth.

A spokesman for the NUS website said: "Students who are already struggling financially will need to be protected from unscrupulous providers leavying booking fees and other hidden charges".

The most expensive area for student accomodation is in London which is around £100 a week according to the report, whilist students staying in accomdation in Wales are paying under the national average paying around £67 per week.

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