Monday, 22 October 2007

Falmouth Beer Festival Is a Success!

The annual Falmouth Beer Festival proved to be a huge success at the weekend, as people flocked to the Princess Pavilion.

The festival got underway at 11am on Friday morning and came to its conclusion at 11pm the following day.

Serving a record 170 different ales from a variety of small, micro and independent breweries, the event marked CAMRA Kernow's 30th anniversary.

Craig Holt of Illogan was impressed with the event,“This is the first time I’ve attended such an event, my mates have been trying to get me here for years!”.

The festival proved successful for St Austall Brewery as popular local ale ‘Tribute’ was voted Best Bitter at the event whilst the brewery’s HSD ale won the festivals Strong Ale award.

(Image Courtesy of the CAMRA KERNOW website)

For non CAMRA members the entry fee was £3.50 which included a festival glass as well as a souvenir programme for the event.

Also available for purchase was a £5 sheet of tokens. This was introduced to, ‘Streamline the increasingly busy process of getting beers on the bar’, according to a spokesman for the CAMRA Festival website.

The event was also held on the same weekend as the Falmouth Oyster Festival, proving to be a successful and an exciting weekend for the town, giving locals and students the chance to sample both festivals.

Many supporters of the beer festival were also able to cheer on England in the Rugby World Cup Final, due to a large screen that was added inside the Pavilion.

Student and Rugby enthusiast Oliver Taylor was pleased with the addition of the large screen,“By them (festival organisers) adding the screen it gives people like me a chance to watch England and consume as much ale as I like, C’mon England!”

This addition of the large screen also helped contribute and increase the number of pints consumed by supporters, contributing to the estimated ‘9,000 pints’ that were consumed throughout the two day festival.

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