Monday, 15 October 2007

Critical Analysis - Institutions of Mass Media

Currently there are many theories that are vital to the study of Institutions and the Mass Media.

Firstly, the Determinism Sociology Theory emphasises the relations of media to dominant groups. This theory states that mass media functions are used as a propaganda tool.

Also this theory has an large emphasis on liberalistic values and self undermines institutions that could resist totalitarian tendencies in society.

Noam Chomsky, a 21st century philosopher rejects the view that the media enables the public to control the political process by providing a pluralism of ideas, information and opinion.

Liberal theories of press freedom argue that the press must serve the public in three ways by informing the electorate, overseeing the government and finally articulating public opinion. Those who support this theory think that a self-regulated free market is the best way to ensure a diverse press.

On the other hand, the Mass Manipulative Theory says that people in power use the media to keep themselves in power. This theory also states that those in power use ideological bias when producing news.

This theory was used by Adolf Hitler, when he was in power. Hitler used the model in the 1936 Berlin Olympics to show the world how powerful the Nazi’s were in an attempt to promote a Nazi ideology.

In contrast, the Pluralist Model states how the media is not concentrated into the hands of the few but the power is widely dispersed. The pluralist model also argues that news gives honest stories whilst also portraying the truth to its reader.

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