Tuesday, 20 November 2007

News Writing Assignment 6 - Revisied Version

A man died and a policeman was also seriously injured late night as two cars collided in the centre of Moonville

The accident happened at the junction of Scar Road involved a police car crashing into the Moonville War Memorial and a V.W. Golf smashing into a Video Shop on the high street.

Josephine Rockwell, witnessed the policeman trapped, as the driver of the Golf draped motionless over the wheel as his passenger frantically attempted to recover his rucksack laying on the back-seat.

“I ran to see if I could help and saw a man get out of the Golf and try to open the back door – he seemed really agitated.”

The driver of the Golf was pronounced dead on arrival at St Monty’s hospital.

The police are now carrying out a forensic examination of the rucksack uncovered from the car whilst a search for the missing man is underway.

Word Count: 153

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